Saratoga County Restaurant Week 2018!

 If ever there was a time to grab your weekender bag, hit the Northway and head to Saratoga–it’s this week!  Break away from your ho-hum existence:  call us to reserve your room for Saratoga Restaurant Week 2018.  (Admit it, there’s nothing LESS-less appealing than the thought of stuffing yourself with a delicious, outrageous meal with wine and other bevs–then, thinking about that Long.Drive.Home. through the dark Adirondack night.
Come to Saratoga for Restaurant Week, but go about it The Smart Way:  call us, and we’ll hook you up with a room that will ease you into sweet dreams, even as you keep remembering that souffle you had at supper.  (518) 584-6751 gets you the best room in Saratoga.  🙂
Saratoga Restaurant Week 2018:
8 March — 16 March
4:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Where: Participating Restaurants in Saratoga County
Cost: $20 or 30

The 2018 Saratoga County Restaurant Week will take place from Thursday, March 8th, until Friday, March 16th, with dozens of wonderful/fun/exotic regional restaurants participating.

During Restaurant Week, each participating restaurant is offering a three-course dinner for $20 or $30 (tax and tip not included in price of meal). This is a sumptuous opportunity to sample some amazing culinary creations at locally owned restaurants across Saratoga County.

Participating Restaurants:

AND–to celebrate this year’s Saratoga County Restaurant Week, participating Saratoga County restaurants are contributing gift cards which will total $1,500–for ONE winner.  Food for thought!  Imagine, dinner out in Saratoga or Saratoga County for $1,500-worth!   (Well, OK:  if you just can’t wrap your head around the concept of going out THAT many times, you CAN give some of the gift cards to people you love.  Or even, like.)  😉

Bonus:  You can enter once a day, now ’til March 16th.

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