Chef Kate’s Kreations

From the kitchen of our own Chef Kate Amello, waft scents that whet both the appetite and one’s curiosity. Kate’s mastery of hot, fresh baked goods; breakfast and other culinary delights are reason-enough to spend a night–or 10–with us. Every morning, breakfasts that fill the eyes, stomachs and souls greet our guests in our light-filled dining room.

On this page, Kate will share with you photos and descriptions of comestibles from both her established toolkit, and new recipes that she’s concocted. Keep an eye on this page, and allow your imagination to run wild. A night at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast is a feast for the both your body and soul.

Sans further ado, here’s a sampling of Chef Kate’s latest, inventive offerings:

Smoked Salmon Strata:

Smoked salmon is a delightful form of a wildly-popular fish. Cured or brined, then salmon is then smoked, the process brings out delicate flavors, which rise to the top and charm the palate.

Our newly-minted, officially-Chef Kate has created this Smoked Salmon Strata, which is even more delicious than any photo could convey.  The multi-layered flavors of the salmon, in concert with spinach, cheese and ciabatta rests comfortably and elegantly on a bed of balsamic glaze. It is accompanied by the complementary flavors of its garnish, roasted red peppers and avocado.

When you make your way to our dining room for breakfast, cross your fingers that Smoked Salmon Strata is on the day’s menu, for it brings so much more to the table (literally) than the average breakfast platter.  This unique dish will nourish your soul in ways that no mere scrambled egg can challenge.

Chef Kate’s Pico de Benedict

We’re always delighted to give our guests the things that will help make their lives happier and healthier, whenever we can.  Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Chef Kate’s newest Benedict, one of many new healthy-lifestyle breakfasts that our culinary artist is concocting here on Union Avenue. (NOT that our other breakfasts aren’t good for you–not at all!  It’s just that this, particular new line shows Kate’s commitment to presenting guilt-free–yet, healthy–dining.)

This delicious and filling breakfast is a healthy, lively combo of rye toast, Canadian bacon, sauteed spinach and poached eggs–all topped with fresh, hand-made pico de gallo.

Brunswick Breakfast Bowl

Our Breakfast Bowl has created a challenge for our guests on more than one occasion: most guests who consume this delectable concoction of scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, cheddar cheese and bacon bits served over home fried potatoes–and a side of scones–are tempted to crawl into bed for a nice nap. If you can resist the Post-Bowl Nap–we salute you.


Not just any corn cakes: Kate’s big, luscious wheels of sweet corn are served piping hot with poached eggs, our own secret-recipe sweet potato hash and outstanding Parillo sausage.  (A Saratoga butcher, been a beloved source for eons.)

Brunswick Berry Strata

As fresh as this morning, every Brunswick Berry Strata that’s put before our guests is healthy, delicious and painted in the colors of whatever berries are in-season at our source farms around the country. Nothing frozen, ever: this from-scratch cake and fruit will satisfy your hunger even as it delights your eyes with its swirling palette of bliss.

Supernal Scones

We don’t want to brag (too much), but we believe that Kate’s scones can hold their own in any contest.  The Irish traditional treat is light, airy–and yet deeply-layered with flavor and buttery goodness. Your coffee or tea never will taste the same again, without one of Kate’s scones perched on your saucer.

Special Occasion Indulgences

For our guests who are celebrating a special occasion or event–or each other–during their stay with us, we are delighted to offer a variety of sweets and sweet/fruit concoctions that will enhance the joy of our guests’ celebration. We are happy to accommodate and improvise according to guests’ needs and desires, of course–that’s why it’s called, hospitality.  🙂

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