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We’ll See You Soon! COVID-19 Update

May 6, 2020 by Brunswick B&B


Valued Guests:

We can’t possibly convey how grateful we are.  So many of you have emailed or reached out with words of encouragement and support during this time.  Your support is deeply felt and appreciated.  At a time when we are all further apart than we want to be, we feel more encouraged and connected than ever!  We cannot wait to open our doors and host you all again.


Our Governor has announced steps to re-open New York State. He has devised a three-step process to open shuttered businesses, bring people back to work, and reignite New York’s economy. The plan will hopefully minimize Covid-19 threat to the health and safety of New Yorkers and those traveling to our great State.  Currently the Governor has listed accommodations within Phase 3 of his plan to open New York.  This means we are looking at the end of May, beginning of June.

Changes you will notice:

As hospitality professionals, maintaining the health and safety of those staying with us is a top priority. Prior to this pandemic, guests of The Brunswick know that we held ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness in our guestrooms and common areas.  Going forward, we have taken additional precautions and will ensure we meet and exceed any Federal, State and local guidelines put in place.

We are committed to ensure our staff is fully aware of all sanitation and hygiene standards.  Our team will be well trained to execute the procedures we will have in place.   Be assured, our practice of deep cleaning and inspections of our property will continue.

We invite and encourage you to call, prior to booking your stay, with any and all questions or concerns about health and safety protocols you may have.

All of us at The Brunswick at Saratoga hope that you and your families are safe and healthy and look forward to welcoming you back!

“Same Time, Next Year”

August 19, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

Travers Saturday, the annual running of Saratoga Race Course’s Mid-Summer Derby, is the penultimate ending to each Saratoga Thoroughbred race track season. The meet, of course, does not end until Labor Day, and Thoroughbreds will continue to prepare over the Oklahoma training track until the first frost warnings. But Travers weekend at The Brunswick at Saratoga begins the “getaway” sentiment after near 8-weeks of “stayaway” experience for us and our many guests.

This brings to mind Alan Alda’s film treatment of Bernard Slade’s 1975 Broadway play, “Same Time, Next Year”. A romantic comedy, the play chronicles the accidental meeting and romantic tryst of a man and woman staying separately at an inn. Following the initial affair, they decide to continue the relationship every year, at the same inn, for a “romantic retreat away from their respective spouses and families…and do so for twenty-six years.

While in no way romantic, but often comedic, we at The Brunswick at Saratoga feel a similar relationship with our many guests. They continue to reconnect with us …“Same Time, Next Year”. We are blessed to have acquired a property from former owners who established strong ties with guests. We are grateful to the many who re-book season after season, as well as in the fall and spring.

Post-track season weather forecasts change from “Hazy, Hot and Humid…chance of a late afternoon monsoon” to the countdown of color and clarity as fall descends upon the foothills of the Adirondacks. The City of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding region are less hectic but no less interesting. There are Ghost Tours, Food Tours, the Saratoga Wine Festival, Beer Tours and Pub Crawls, Balloon Festivals, Antique car and truck shows, the annual Showcase of Homes among the many activities from which to choose. Reservations at Saratoga’s fine dining establishments are easier to secure.

Book you local overnight “getaway” or short term “stayaway” now. And we’ll see you too “Same Time, Next Year”.

The Heat Wave Struck but Guests Still Had Fun

July 24, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

Saratoga Springs is a destination because of its three “Hs”, History, Health and Horses. But of late, a different set of “H’s” of have taken hold. The great Irving Berlin penned the lyrics to the song Heat Wave for a 1933 musical, A THOUSAND CHEERS. Although celebrating the sensual movements of a nubile can-can dancer, the opening lyrics apply to the recent weather we’ve experienced around the country and in Saratoga Springs, NY:

“Oh! We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave
The temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising,..”

It is certainly not surprising. Over the years, when queried about weather in Saratoga Springs, my answer is this: “Hazy, Hot and Humid, with a reasonable chance for a monsoon.”

What surprised was the combination of high temperature and humidity, humidity index, which made the outside air feel too much like a sauna. So much so that the New York Racing Association would be compelled to cancel its Saturday July 21 race card. Clearly, it was in the best interests of its athletes, equine and human, and guests to cancel.

So, what do we do at The Brunswick at Saratoga when a race day is cancelled? “Post Time on the Porch!” Well, in our air conditioned dining room, as outside on the porch was not fit for man nor beast.

Chef Kate prepared a casual and light luncheon for guests and staff. The conversation was lively; an afternoon card game followed. Those less interested in cards spent the afternoon on Broadway, introducing themselves to and experiencing shops and shop owners they would not see for racing.

All in all, a good decision from NYRA and a good day for our guests.

Book your fall getaway now. Booking direct is better for you and for The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast. Call 518-584-6751.

Expected Heat Cancels Saratoga’s Saturday Racing Card

July 19, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

We were interviewed about the impact of Saturday’s cancelled racing card, check out the article by The Daily Gazette:

Click here to Read.

2019 Racing Days

July 10, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

The Saratoga Track Season, the New York Racing Association’s (NYRA) premier race meet, carries a long history. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.” But, over the years NYRA management has implemented changes to the Saratoga Track Season schedule. 2019 is a year of change, one we hope will have a positive impact on travelers to Saratoga. Local journalist Mike MacAdam wrote last December in the Daily Gazette, “Why would NYRA mess with a good thing? They’d do it if they believed it would be a better thing. For them.”

The number of racing days at Saratoga, which had been 24 for decades, has gradually grown since the 1980s. In 1975, the dark day was switched from Sunday to Tuesday, and in 1982, they ran 27 days with no dark days. It expanded to five weeks and 30 racing days (opening on a Wednesday) in 1991, then was briefly at 34 before going to 36 in 1997. The standard became 40 in 2010.
And it has worked, for NYRA and the fans, even if a stronghold of traditionalists (myself included) doesn’t always like the decisions NYRA makes.

People have loved the “boutique” nature of the Saratoga meet since they first started running thoroughbreds in 1863. It has always been a dazzling meteorite streaking across the racing sky.

As MacAdam says, the change is good for NYRA. Monday race days were the slowest days of any meet. From the perspective of a racing fan, however, converting Mondays from a race day to a dark day eliminates what was one of the least chaotic and most enjoyable race day experiences: the excitement of racing without the challenge of big race day crowds.

Two dark days will give some respite to backstretch barn workers, grooms, trainers and jockeys. But keeping Thoroughbreds in training is a 24/7 job. It’s a good thing that trainers and owners won’t lose opportunities to race for purses; the number of race days remains at 40. But opening in July means longer housing needs and increased expenses.

The change to two dark days will present a challenge of sorts to the Saratoga business community. There is no shortage of activities and experiences outside of racing to engage travelers, but two dark days just might not play well with the horse set.

To further entice travelers, The Brunswick will discount Monday – Tuesday rates by 30% for those more interested in experiencing Saratoga than the Saratoga Track Season. Call us directly at 518-564-6751 to book your Monday – Tuesday Saratoga stay.

Track Season is Almost Upon Us

July 1, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

Track Season at Saratoga Race Course is Christmas in July and a non-stop high school or college reunion. It’s an annual gift to regional and “ship-in” fans. More importantly, Track Season at Saratoga Race Course is the setting for annual gatherings of family and friends. They come together from near and far to share a day, or days, immersed in the puzzle posed by a field of Thoroughbreds. “Who da ya like?” is the operative question. We at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast look forward to the opportunity to both reconnect with our many returning Track Season guests and meet those who have chosen to stay with us for the first time.

At The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast we speak “track”. Tom, a member of the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters with media responsibilities for the Capital Off Track Betting Corporation, has been part of the Saratoga Race Course scene for thirty years. During Track Season Guests engage with each other and staff about race day  cards, specific races, trends and post-race activities.  After a day at the races, guests relax on our front porch, enjoying conversation and light libations before setting out for dinner at one of Saratoga’s many fine dining establishments. They share tales of shouldas, wouldas, couldas, tough beats and those glorious wins.

The Saratoga Track Season, the New York Racing Association’s (NYRA) premier race meet, carries a long history. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.” But, over the years NYRA management has implemented changes to the Saratoga Track Season schedule. 2019 is a year of change, one we hope will have a positive impact on travelers to Saratoga. Local journalist Mike MacAdam wrote last December in the Daily Gazette:

Why would NYRA mess with a good thing? They’d do it if they believed it would be a better thing.

Join us at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast for Track Season, during Track Season, or after for an overwhelmingly positive hospitality experience.

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What is a Bed & Breakfast?

June 19, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

Guests often ask why we chose this inn keeping life. We have our story and share it with them. And, one of the great joys of inn keeping is learning the stories our guests choose to share about themselves with us. These narratives inform us in ways that help us make their stay at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast a memorable one. What follows poses and answers an important question about our sector of the hospitality industry (this article was published The Bed and Breakfast Magazine by Collette Publications. Thank you Nicolette Johnston, Publisher for sharing this with us).

A lot of people ask the question, what is a bed & breakfast?

Many innkeepers have expressed that the true meaning of a bed and breakfast has been lost with the presence of vacation home rental conglomerates. Unfortunately, business has been affected by travelers opting for accommodations with corporations that offer such lodging. Some are left fighting to keep their business afloat.

We have been reminded that they are just that, a business. They are insured, have gone through all the regulations, passed required inspections; not to mention, innkeepers are on site to help you check in and take care of any of your personalized needs. They encourage you to book direct with them, so they can not only prepare first-hand for any special requirements guests may have, but to offer a special touch of good ole-fashioned customer service that has been lost with booking sites or the click of a button. They also offer just what they say in their name, a delicious breakfast included with your stay.

Whether it be a farm fresh breakfast with homemade bread (the way your grandmother would make), or prepared by a cutting-edge professional chef who is up with current foodie trends, we believe that the breakfast is by far one of the best things about staying at a B&B.

We are not sure why anyone would want to stay anywhere else! We want to remind travelers just how much of a personal touch is put into your stay.

Remember, they are a small business, please help support them by considering to book your next trip with a bed and breakfast. Give them a call, book direct, and don’t pass on a freshly baked cookie. Go ahead, have two when you check in, and after a relaxing night, start your day the right way – eat breakfast like a champion!

Check out the article feature: What is a B&B

The Brunswick at Night

3 Year Anniversary

June 11, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

April 14, 2019 marked the three-year anniversary of our ownership of The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast. In that time we (Kate, Renee and Tom) have been blessed to meet and serve the many guests choosing our property for overnight and extended stay accommodations. The positive feedback we continue to receive through on-line reviews is gratifying. Guest responses are testimony to our guiding principle: to promise an overwhelmingly positive and memorable hospitality experience in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Through an agreement with the previous owner, C. Kirk Nichols, renovation of The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast began on April 4, 2016. Our contractor, Greco Construction, Inc., emptied the entire 10-bedroom structure, storing furnishings in three pods located in the parking lot. Carpets were removed, hardwood floors refinished or replaced. Carpenters did what carpenters do where carpentry work needed doing; painters did their thing inside an out. Kate’s vision was simple: maintain the Victorian charm while providing a light, modern motif throughout.  On May 13 the renovation team completed work in time for us to prep for a full weekend, full-house hot opening for Skidmore College graduation. We were, as they say, “off to the races” in Saratoga Springs.

The quality of our staff contributed significantly to the success of The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast these three years. We have been most fortunate. Staff continually demonstrates the highest standards of cleanliness and attention to guest service. Janet worked with Kirk, understood the operation, agreed to stay on, and shared institutional knowledge that was extremely helpful. Alice brought experience in both housekeeping and cooking. Diana owned a home cleaning business.  Daniella, Kate’s good friend, offered to help out as needed, and then joined us full time. Daniella worked breakfast service, as well as housekeeping. Her exuberant personality filled the dining room. A shock to all, Daniella passed late last year; returning guests will miss her as we do. Emmy worked two track seasons before heading off to college.  Molly, our latest hire, compliments retuning staff and is doing very well. We are grateful for the good work they continue to do for us and our guests.

We are, of course, a Bed AND Breakfast…and breakfast is our everyday adventure. Since opening in 2016, Kate graduated from Schenectady Community College, successfully completing the Culinary Arts Curriculum.  She and Renee, plan, prep and produce our wide menu of breakfast delights. The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast continues to support local vendors. We regularly visit the two weekly Farmer’s Markets. Other locals include Thomas Poultry, Kru Coffee Collective, Parillo Sausage, Battenkil Dairy, Hand Melon Farm and Bread Basket. (Maple Syrup)

We reflect on these three years and take pride in what we have done and how we have grown. We look forward to reconnecting with returning guests, meeting new ones, and continuing to provide overwhelmingly positive and memorable hospitality experiences in Saratoga Springs. NY.

Summer’s Here, and the Time is Right to…Give Yourself a Break.

June 27, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 The first day of Summer, 2018, came and went with nary a notice, because here in the North Country of Upstate New York–the weather’s been funky for several weeks.  A few months, even…

As many of our neighbors in Saratoga noted, we didn’t have a Spring:  it went straight from Winter into Summer.  From piles of snow to insufferable heat.  Such is life in the post-industrial age, right?

So it’s officially Summer, for those who keep track.  And, precisely because the season sort-of slid into home plate, too many of us neglected to make plans for anything that even resembles Summer vacation.  Unfortunately, that leaves us with “Stay-cations,” as it’s come to be known.

And, really–you know how that translates:  You envision yourself chillin’ on your back porch, sipping Mojitos.
But really, you’re mowing the lawn.
*  Cleaning the gutters.  Again.
*  Planning a drive to Vermont–but never actually doing it.  Because you’re tired.
*  Assembling your family’s Emergency Preparedness Kit and dry rations–for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.  (FYI:  It’s not going to happen.
Because Zombies don’t exist.)

So what you end up with is just another three months of working, working–then, “Stay-cationing” at home, where–you work.

And before you know it–it’s Thanksgiving.  And you’re still tired.

You love Saratoga.  It’s one of your favorite places on Earth.  Or you’ve dream’t of Saratoga–and you can think of nothing sweeter than chillin’ in our outstanding little city for a couple of days.  But it’s the end of June–so, no dice, right?  Surely, the closest to Saratoga that you could get a room would, be, what–Montreal?

Wrong.  If you think of coming to Saratoga for a week, yes, that might be nearly-impossible this far into the Summer.
BUT:  here’s the solution.  This is not just a good idea, this is actually something that your doctor would ask you to do, for your health, for your soul:

Actually take time off.  Even a couple of days.

 You didn’t get your vacation request in on time to actually go anywhere other than Big Y, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a day, two–even three-off during the summer.  Just to get away.  And where better than Saratoga?

Where, more restful, than at our legendary inn for a couple of nights?

Just to sleep, in a beautiful, peaceful, quiet environment.

 To sit on a beautiful, historic porch on one of the loveliest boulevards in all America:  Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs, New York.

So, you can only take off a Wednesday and Thursday night?  Sweet–we may have the perfect room for you, on that exacta, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Wow, you can sneak in a third day and night away?  Just ask:  we aim to accommodate. (Hence the term, “accommodations.”)


You didn’t make vacation a priority because Mother Nature pulled a fast one on you, and, BAM, Summer is here, now.

But Mother Nature also gave you a keen sense of self-preservation:  You know that you need and deserve a rest.

 Take a day, a night–a couple–two/three days and nights.  Call us now, with your calendar in-hand.  We’ll have our calendar in-hand, as well.  We’ll work with you to give you the rest, the quiet–and the Chef-prepared, gourmet breakfasts the next mornings(s)–that you so richly deserve.  Schlaf gut, then Bon Appetit at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast.

You call, we’ll plan:  (518) 584-6751

We’re eager to meet you, and help you rest, chill, and dine like royalty–then, prop you up, prepared to go back home, thence, to work. 
And to your Stay-cational lawn-mowing.  



Eat, Drink: Saratoga. Then, Sleep, Eat Again: The Brunswick AT Saratoga B&B.

June 14, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

Just when you thought that you had a few days not to leave the house.  No reason to trek to Saratoga–to stay home, catch up on cleaning those gutters and mending the broken spindle on the porch rail–you find yourself drawn once again.

Once again, to The City in the Country.  Once again, to delightful, delicious, delectable Saratoga Springs, New York.

Once again, the siren song you hear in reality is your olfactory glands pinging all over the place, as you smell foods and bevs from so many dining and drinking establishments, wafting their ways into your nose, thence into your very being.

Yes, folks, it’s time again for Eat, Drink, Saratoga.

Along with the gustatorial delights that will throw themselves at you on June 30, 2018, will come the sure knowledge that, oh, you really should have thought about the fact that you just don’t feel like driving home when ’tis all said, done and devoured.

That’s why we’re here.  We sit quietly on Union Avenue in Saratoga, waiting to usher you in on the night of June 30th.  After your long day and evening of indulging your dining senses, we’ll be here.  The (Chef-Owned-and-Operated) Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast.

We know that you had a great time, and we want to give you your Best.Night’s.Sleep.Ever. at the end of your dining journey.

 Then–after you’ve rested deeply in one of our exquisitely-comfortable beds–slept, like a well-fed baby bear–the scent of Chef Kate’s own breakfast offerings will lure you downstairs the next morn.

Sure, you ate, and you ate royally, around town.  But that was last night, and this is today.

And today–July 1– the day after Eat, Drink, Saratoga–today is the day when you can pull up a chair, and consume cuisine breakfast such as is found nowhere else in our glorious city.  Chef Kate will take care of you–and give you the fuel of both body and soul that you need to make that long (or, short) journey, Home.

  Home.  Where you’ll actually dream about your dreams at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast–and of that incomparable breakfast, Chef Kate’s nectars of the gods.  You’ll promise yourself to return.  And you will.


For more information on Eat, Drink, Saratoga on June 30, check out their website:

To reserve your room, your bed and your otherworldly breakfast for that night, call us and reserve, now: (518) 584-6751.

The Brunswick at Saratoga B&B: Now, COO (Chef-Owned and Operated) :)

June 4, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

Chef Kate Amello, in her regalia

We at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast took a few minutes off on May 16th to trek down Route 50 to Schenectady.  The occasion?  The graduation of our own Kate Amello from the Culinary Arts program at Schenectady County Community College.

SCCC’s is the only post-secondary program in Culinary Arts in New York State, that’s accredited by the American Culinary Federation with Examplary status.  (And we surmise that our Kate was an exemplary student, of course!)

 Kate crossed the stage of the historic Proctor’s Theatre in downtown Schenectady to receive her Culinary Arts A.O.S. diploma, graduating with 324 enthusiastic, hard-working colleagues.  Kate had put her heart and soul into the program, the journey to which began on a part-time basis during the summer of 2014.  She took two courses, with the intention of building up her confidence as a cook.  (She had in mind that one day, she’d have to cook for 20+ people in her dream B&B situation.  A dreamer and a forethinker!)

Quickly, she became enamored with the program, and made the decision to continue pat-time ’til 2016, when The Brunswick became Kate’s reality.

Kate is not one to walk away from opportunity or challenges when they present themselves…so she went straight to work as owner of The Brunswick, while taking courses at SCCC.  In the Autumn of 2017, she became a full-time student (while seamlessly running this place)—because that designation, Chef, loomed before her and she was eager to receive the reward that comes from all her hard, focused work.

  During her tenure at the College, Chef Payne (her Culinary Instructor for Food Prep I, II and Dining Room), suggested to her that—if she was truly interested in owning a B&B one day—she should apply for the job, Assistant Innkeeper at the stately, well-established Batcheller Mansion Inn in Saratoga Springs.  She interviewed and was hired that very day.  After several months in the position, she was promoted to Innkeeper.

Kate effuses that she learned so much during her time at the Batcheller, an experience for which she is eternally grateful. 

Tracy, Jasmine, Kate and Troy — The Four Pack. 😉

Kate had a dream.  She shared her vision with her family, who saw the passion in her eyes, and heard it in her voice.  She gave it her all in school, and applied everything she was learning as she took the reins of The Brunswick two years ago.  Her instructors, chefs and fellow students at SCCC (like, The Four Pack)–spiced her journey with their friendship, insights and encouragement.

With the strong support of such a network of good hearts, it’s no wonder that Kate Amello today is one of the precious few Chef/Owners of an historic Bed & Breakfast in the most hospitable city on Earth—Saratoga Springs.  Thanks for bringing us all on your journey, Kate!



Chef Kate’s Smoked Salmon Strata: Layers of Flavors. Morning, Done Right.

May 25, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

Smoked Salmon Strata:

   Smoked salmon is a delightful form of a wildly-popular fish.  Cured or brined, then salmon is then smoked, the process brings out delicate flavors, which rise to the top and charm the palate.

Our newly-minted, officially-Chef Kate has created this Smoked Salmon Strata, which is even more delicious than any photo could convey.   The multi-layered flavors of the salmon, in concert with spinach, cheese and ciabatta rests comfortably and elegantly on a bed of balsamic glaze.  It is accompanied by the complementary flavors of its garnish, roasted red peppers and avocado.

When you make your way to our dining room for breakfast, cross your fingers that Smoked Salmon Strata is on the day’s menu, for it brings so much more to the table (literally) than the average breakfast platter.   This unique dish will nourish your soul in ways that no mere scrambled egg can challenge.

You may wish just to come to Saratoga, to stay at our inn–just for the breakfasts:  sleep, eat.  Sleep, again.  We’re good with that.

To find your perfect dates to rest deeply, then refresh with Chef Kate’s world-class cuisine, call us anytime:  (518) 584-6751.




Introducing New, Wildly-Healthy Options to Our Breakfast Menu

May 21, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

These days, almost everyone is health-conscious, for one reason or another.  People with Celiac Disease can’t eat gluten.  People who take blood thinners have to avoid most green, leafy things, including cilantro and even parsley.  And of course, so many people are allergic to tree nuts that it’s almost epidemic in the 21st Century.

Yet-others just want to keep it low on the cholesterol/protein/sodium scale, just as a preventative measure.

We’re always delighted to give our guests the things that will help make their lives happier and healthier, whenever we can.  So with this note, we’re pleased to introduce you to Kate’s newest Benedict, one of many new healthy-lifestyle breakfasts that our culinary artist is concocting here on Union Avenue.  (NOT that our other breakfasts aren’t good for you–not at all!  It’s just that this, particular new line shows Kate’s commitment to presenting guilt-free–yet, healthy–dining.)

This delicious and filling breakfast is a healthy, lively combo of rye toast, Canadian bacon, sauteed spinach and poached eggs–all topped with fresh, hand-made pico de gallo.

Perhaps we’ll name this yummy offering, Pico de Benedict.



Louisville Crowds on Derby Day? Problem, Solved–Here on Union Ave., in Saratoga.

April 23, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

In just 12 brief days, ‘t’will be the First Saturday in May.

 If you’re a horse racing fan, you know that this means that’s the day when 20 American Thoroughbreds will stuff into their designated stalls at Louisville’s gigantic Churchill Downs, and begin the Run for the Roses–the Kentucky Derby.  

Churchill Downs has the capacity to hold well-over 150,000 screaming fans on Derby Day.  A thought that makes even the strongest of hearts shudder.  (We know, we’ve been there twice. Thankfully, with extraordinary seats both time, so our claustrophobic selves didn’t have to look at that many people–just straight ahead, at the horses.)

If you’re into Big Fun and Big Crowds–Louisville is definitely where you want to be on May 5th.

If you’re NOT into Big Crowds, but still want Big Fun–and to cheer on your favorite Kentucky Derby horse–you can go to the luscious Kentucky Derby bash at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, just four doors down from our serene little inn.

You will not encounter 149,999 other horse racing fans at the Museum’s Derby Day party–thank God, right?  But you will have a rockin’ good time with your friends and new friends–whom you’ll meet over cocktails and mocktails in THE only Thoroughbred racing Hall of Fame.

For information about the event, click the URL, below, or call (518) 584-0400, ext. 109.

OK, so we’ve got you all set with the place to watch and play on Derby Day.  Check.

Now, we need to establish your accommodations for the night after the party.  The soiree ends at 7PM, at which time you may wish to venture forth into downtown Saratoga Springs–a brief walk down Union.  OR you may opt to wander simply five doors from the Museum, and dine with our friends at the Brook.

But however you do it–your ONLY sure bet that day–is that you should stay here, with us, at the end of your winning Kentucky Derby Day.  Whether you check in the night before, Friday, the 4th–sleep in on the 5th before the party–then sleep again on the 6th, OR you reserve only for the night after the Derby–believe us, you will need a place to rest your head that’s within walking distance of both the Museum and downtown.

 Even if that’s only because you danced your face off for three hours before the race, then waddled downtown, wearing stilettos–you’re gonna need a comfy, welcoming bed to crash.  And a gourmet breakfast the next morning.

Whether you’re a local, or coming in for the party, and don’t want to deal with 150,000 strangers–come, party at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.  And spend Derby Day-Night, and maybe the night before–with us.  This mini-vacation will do your soul good–and get you all wired and ready for the upcoming Saratoga race meet.

 Call now to res your room:  (518) 584-6751.   We’ll set you up, so that all you have to worry about on Derby Day is, which hat or bowtie to wear.


Check out the Derby party info at the Racing Museum’s ‘site:



Get Out Your Calendar, Reserve Your Room (Here): Saratoga is Open for Fun :)

April 21, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

Too many uninformed folks think that the only time Saratoga is alive is during the frenetic, wild, broiling days of July and August when the Thoroughbreds race across Union Avenue from The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast.

Oh, pish.  This rumor flies directly in the face of Reality:  Saratoga is a year-round destination.  Right now, April, is a fine example:  event listings are pouring in. So many options: it’s possible to become dizzy just from reading about all the opportunities for fun, learning, adventure and the making of new friends.

Not enough space here, to go through every event that’s coming up, and the hundreds of opps to explore our fine city, county and region.  So we’ll give a couple of highlights here, and encourage you to visit other ‘sites where you can explore your options.  (Then, let your boss know that you’re taking time off…) 🙂

 Our calendar starts one week from today, when our own Tom Amello will co-anchor with Mike Veitch at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s annual Countdown to the Triple Crown:  Kentucky Derby Preview Panel in the gorgeous, historic Hall of Fame.  Just four doors down from our B&B, the annual ritual of racing analysis begins at 12Noon on April 28th, and is free to the public.  (Those of you who are wise wagerers will want to spend the night before–and/or the night after–here with us, for that will offer you the rare opportunity to follow Tom back here, and pick his brains / talk horse racing until the wee hours.)  For room reservations, give us a call:  (519) 584-6751, but hurry:  we don’t want you to miss this chance to yak about horses with Tom on our lovely front porch.  🙂

God knows, there are scores of things that will happen here in-between April 28th and June 30th, but here’s the early heads-up about June 30th:

If there’s one thing Saratoga loves, it’s an opportunity to eat and consume beverages.
When it’s for a good cause–even better.

 On June 30, in the parking lot that straddles Caroline Street and Lake Avenue, you are invited to Eat, Drink Saratoga.  Tickets are available, and the very worthy cause is the Saratoga County Children’s Committee.  (You can have an amazing time and feel good, knowing that your $ will make the lives of regional children healthier and happier.)

So many things in-between those two dates–and many will come happen after June 30.  But the one thing that you know you’ll need in order to enjoy Saratoga to the max–whether it’s a concert, food/bev event or historic re-enactment is:  a comfortable, soothing place to lay your weary head at the end of your hectic days and nights. And, being in walking distance of downtown Saratoga, and mere steps from the Saratoga Race Course and Fasig-Tipton–really, booking now with us at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast–is the only sure bet in this town.


Check out the websites and fun options, below, then call us to reserve your space at our place:  (518) 584-6751.  🙂


National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame:

Eat Drink Saratoga:

Discover Saratoga:

Saratoga Performing Arts Center:

Saratoga Race Course (NYRA:  New York Racing Association):



KT Kids Spring Consignment Sale – Half-Price

Saratoga Mom Prom 2018

Sasha’s Superhero Run 5K & Kids Fun Run

15th Anniversary of Dining Out For Life®

PJ’s BAR-B-QSA Grand Opening of The Filling Station

View All Charities & Fundraisers


Saratoga Wine & Chocolate Festival

It’s 5 0’Clock Somewhere Spring Break Patio Party!

New York State Liquor Store Association Sip & Sample

Saratoga Brewfest

View All Food & Drink Festivals







Like the Cavalry before them, West Point Rides in–and Rights a Wrong.

April 17, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

Where would horse racing be, were it not for the magnificent steeds, and their people of truly good heart who make it happen, day-in and day-out?  Those for whom the words, “community” and “decency” mean something?

 Chief among those people who hold decency and community close to their hearts–values that everyone should embrace, of course–tonight, we at The Brunswick at Saratoga must point our gratitude in the direction of Terry Finley and Tom Bellhouse of West Point Thoroughbreds.

You see, Monday, April 16th was the first day for workouts at the Oklahoma Training Track here at Saratoga Race Course for 2018.  Almost as anticipated as Opening Day at the race course across Union Avenue in July–the Oklahoma’s endearing scent of Sweet Timothy brings the nickering of Thoroughbreds and their ponies from far-and-wide. It also brings race fans, media and curiosity-seekers.  This year, it brought rain and grey, as well–but that didn’t dissuade those of us for whom this annual ritual of New Beginnings brings joy.  The horses at Oklahoma are the real harbingers of Spring.

When we bought this place from its previous owners, we inherited the fascinating history, location, reputation–and a lawn jockey.  A B&B on Union Avenue without a lawn jockey would be, why, a sad thing.  So we gratefully took the miniature man as part of our business agreement, and made him our own.

He set up his home cozily on our lovely front porch, and greeted both guests to our establishment, but also citizens and tourists who passed by.

Until.  Until one day when our beloved lawn jockey was stolen–and destroyed.  We won’t spend one more minute thinking about who did it, or why.  That’s negative.

Instead, we’ll tell you about the karmically good thing that happened.  Our Tom was in the Brook one day, and ran into the beloved Tom Bellhouse, COO of West Point Thoroughbreds.  The topic of our trashed lawn jockey came up, and Tom thought that was a travesty.  Tom would not–could not–be an associate of Terry Finley, West Point Thoroughbreds’ President and CEO–were Tom not cut from the same noble fabric as Terry, himself.

One thing led to another, and before we knew it–Terry and Tom made sure that, not only did we have A Lawn Jockey–we became the proud owners of a West Point Thoroughbreds lawn jockey!

He (our jockey) spent his winter in Tom’s office, but yesterday he was taken out, spit-shined and buffed–and put outside again.  Ready to stand guard for another half-year.  Sure, it was raining, and grey.  But it was Opening Day at the Oklahoma–and the horses deserved our very best salute.  A West Point salute, at that.




The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast Presents: Christmas in July. And August.

April 12, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

No, no, you didn’t do a Rip Van Winkle, and fall asleep–only to awaken eight months later.

Relax: it’s still April in upstate New York.  Well, and everywhere else on Earth.

But here at The Brunswick at Saratoga, we’ve come up with an early gift for you.  Your (December-holiday-of-your-choice, fill-in-the-blank) gift is (drumroll):

Your last name may not be Vanderbilt.  So you may not have six weeks to spend in Saratoga during our world-renowned horse racing season.

Heck, you may not have three consecutive days to cut out of work and enjoy the ponies.  Any ponies:  Thoroughbred, Standardbred, polo.

But right now, in April, you can look at your calendar, and say to yourself:  “I can steal away to Saratoga for one glorious overnight and a day at…” (Again, fill-in-the-blank–this time, with your preferred fun activity.)

Sigh:  if you can find accommodations for just one night, maybe squeezing out two–it’ll probably be at someplace 35 miles away, on Central Avenue in Albany.  Adding more than an hour, round-trip, to Saratoga and the race tracks/polo grounds/ ballet / hiking/ biking/ shopping/ dining.

The whole reason to come to Saratoga in July and August is to be in Saratoga, right?

 So our December Holiday 2018 gift to you is:  you can be right in the midst of all the Saratoga action–all the horse-sports madness and glory–right here on our magnificent boulevard, Union Avenue.  You can wile away your evening if you choose on our homey porch, right across Union from North America’s oldest sporting venue of any kind–Saratoga Race Course.

And you can do this, one night at a time.  Because, unlike most places in our internationally-beloved tourist Mecca–and most places south and north of Saratoga Springs–here, we welcome you for your one, lovely, stolen-from-real-life getaway night.

You may have only one night to come to Saratoga, all summer.  Or you may have the ability to grab one night, every other week, during racing season.

So your name’s not Vanderbilt.  Neither is ours.  We get it, that one night–mayyyyyyyyybe, two–is all the time you get this summer.

 We’re cool with that.  Whether you stay with us for a month or one glorious Monday night–we’ll give you the most comfortable bed in all of Saratoga, and refresh you in the morning with a singularly-delicious, gourmet breakfast.

We don’t see you as a number.  To us–you’re just, folks who stay with us.  One night at a time.


For inquiries and to make reservations for your Saratoga Getaway, one night at a time, give us a call:  (518) 584-6751.


Saratoga Yearling Sales 2018…One Night, Two or Three…Reserve Now, Race Fans.

April 7, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 Do you realize that, in less than four months from this very day–the first night of the 2018 Fasig-Tipton Saratoga Sale will happen? 

If you’re a lover of horses and the sport of racing them–you know that the first Monday of every August brings human emotions to a swirling vortex of excitement, right on East Avenue in Saratoga.  Every year, the hopes, anticipation and dreams of millions of horse race fans rest on the young, babyish withers (shoulders) of a couple hundred yearling Thoroughbreds. (Sales 2018:  Monday and Tuesday, August 6th and 7th.)

This one night every year is our personal favorite–it’s like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled into one.

 Ah, the sheer excitement!  The gorgeous, 900-pound baby Thoroughbreds, all sleek-coated, and spit-shone.  (One year old in fact is a baby in the world of horses.)  Like debs at their first coming out party, these little ones have found their ways from the farm to the buzz of Saratoga in August–and they are the center of attention!

For those to the manor born–or who haven’t-yet maxed out their AmEx Black–the Fasig-Tipton restaurant is marvelous.  For the rest of us, the best cheeseburgers on Earth are served at the snack bar.  Whatever your pleasure or pocketbook–this is an annual ritual that even non-race fans love, and mark on their calendars every year.

Which brings us to you, a fan who loves the horses and the sport–but either never has experienced the Sales, or who just feels lost figuring out the details.  Well, here’s your solution to the biggest conundrum on the list:  you can stay with us.  The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast happens to have a room or two available, for a single night (say, Sunday, August 5th–Monday, the 6th or Tuesday the 7th)–or for the whole three nights leading up-to the Sales, and following.

You love the Sales.  You assume that–at this late point, in early April–every hostelry is booked, solid. (Chief among your concerns is that, most places during High Racing Season insist on three-night minimum stays.)  But, hey, you’re our guest:  the length of time of our stay is your call.

You can reserve for just one night, and we’re cool with that.  We’d love you to stay for all three, so you can experience Fasig-Tipton as fully as possible–but it’s yours to decide.

 Oh, yes, and one more compelling reason to stay in our comfy, elegant inn:  you can hear the baby horses whinney from our backyard.
Oh, yes, you can.

And that means that you don’t have to drive in circles for 20 hours, jockeying for a parking spot for the sales.

Check in, park your car, walk over to Fasig-Tipton.  (Then, back here, to sleep after your long, fun day and night.)

To reserve your room, or pose questions, call us anytime:  (518) 584-6751.


Photo Credits:

Amazing grey, 2014:  Glenye Cain Oakford
Hip # 186 $1,000,000:  Fasig-Tipton
Fasig-Tipton:  Times Union

Countdown to the Triple Crown: Our Bed. Our Breakfast. Tom. You. Racing Hall of Fame…Magic.

April 6, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

  News Flash!  A rare opportunity for horse race fans to get their chops up for handicapping the Triple Crown races in advance–from the comfort of the Hall of Fame at the National Museum of Racing and then here, at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast.  

(Not to mention, a fabulous way to celebrate Spring, and the arrival of horses at the Oklahoma for training.)

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse. But only if you’re a real horseplayer, or wannabe:

Plan to attend the Racing Museum’s Countdown to the Triple Crown on Saturday, April 28th at 12Noon. (See official press release, below.)

 If you’re wise, you’ll check into our lovely B&B the evening before, and start your day with a solid, delicious foundation–Kate’s gourmet breakfast–before going off to the Countdown for 12PM.  (To which you’ll be able to walk, as we’re only a few steps from the Museum.)

 As you’ll read below, our own (too-modest) Tom Amello is one of the two featured analysts who’ll sit on-stage and walk y’all through everything you need to wager wisely–and actually enjoy the experience of learning, and betting.

Then–BONUS!–following the Countdown, come on back to The Brunswick with Tom, where you’ll either wander on over to The Brook for a bite together, or decide to hang with him here in our dining room or (fabulous, Union Avenue) porch–to continue the conversation.  Pick Tom’s brain–he relishes the chance to educate, inform and help others learn the joy of analyzing the ponies.

Stay over on Saturday, as well–your in-depth exploration of horse racing may go into the wee hours, and under the stars.

Return home at the end of the weekend–satisfied.  Happy.  Feeling good about yourself:  you are now ready to wager against all those who weren’t at the Hall of Fame, and at The Brunswick.

You, our Friends, truly  will have the Home Court Advantage.


For reservations for Friday night, April 27th and/or Saturday, the 28th, just give us a call:  (518) 584-6751.



 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  w  Contact: Brien Bouyea  /  (518) 584-0400 ext. 133 /

     National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s annual
Countdown to the Triple Crown program scheduled for Saturday, April 28

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame will present its annual Countdown to the Triple Crown program on Saturday, April 28 at 12 p.m. in the Museum’s Hall of Fame Gallery. Racing experts Tom Amello and Michael Veitch will be on hand to offer analysis and predictions for the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby and answer questions from the audience about the Triple Crown series. The program is open to the public and free to attend.

Guests will receive a complimentary issue of the Triple Crown preview edition of The BloodHorse, featuring past performances, while supplies last. There will also be Kentucky Derby trivia for gift cards courtesy of EMBRACE THE RACE®, the exclusive provider of The Apparel for the Horse Racing Lifestyle® and The Official Apparel of Horse Racing®.

Amello has produced the “Trackfacts” selection sheet at Saratoga Race Course since 1988. In April of 1992, he began production of a television version of Trackfacts for Capital OTB TV. Amello later developed a second show for Capital OTB, Trackfacts Live. He has also served on numerous panels at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame and hosted various racing education seminars.

Veitch covered horse racing for The Saratogian and its racing supplement, The Pink Sheet, from 1979 through 2017. He serves as chairman of the Museum’s Hall of Fame Historic Review Committee. A former host of “Down the Stretch” on Capital OTB, Veitch’s writing has appeared in a variety of media outlets, including Daily Racing Form. He is the author of two books on Saratoga racing history: “Foundations of Fame: Nineteenth Century Thoroughbred Racing in Saratoga Springs” and “Summit of Champions: Thoroughbred Racing in Saratoga Springs 1901-1955.”

Check our Web site at


Photo Credits:

Inside, Hall of Fame:  courtesy of U.W. Marx Construction Company.
National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame logo, courtesy of same.

The Brunswick at Saratoga’s B.E.S.T. Foot Forward…

April 1, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

It’s one thing to be in a community–to love a city, town or region.
It’s magical, when a location first captures your imagination:  it woos you, and you become compelled to start a business in the town.
You settle in.

Then, it’s like love, when your new business becomes known, and you’re acknowledged on the street.  This acknowledgement feels wonderful, ’cause it’s the sign that not only are you accepted in the community–but now, you’re actually identified with that place.

This is all so grand:  it’a delicious to be in a town that you love, that apparently, loves you back.

Let’s take this relationship just one step further:  while it’s terrif to be in a community, it’s another step forward when you become a contributing part of the community.

 This is what we’re striving to do, at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast.  Tom has been a member of horse racing media for decades.  Being in Saratoga as a business owner now gives him, Kate and Renee the wonderful opportunity to give of themselves–to share the beauty and bounty of this lovely establishment.  The beginning of our project is this:  we’re turning over our towels, hand towels, washcloths, etc. as we cycle in new ones.  We’re donating our trove of luxe bath linens to B.E.S.T., the Backstretch Employees’ Assistance Program.

B.E.S.T. operates at Aquaduct, Belmont and Saratoga, caring for the people who care for the horses.  All  our donations go to B.E.S.T. Saratoga, to be given to the wonderful people who work so hard, every day, to assure the health and welfare of beautiful Thoroughbreds.

This seems like a good challenge, to toss out to other hostelries in the Saratoga region:  while we will be giving many things during the next several years, B.E.S.T. and the hundreds of people they serve always can use more assistance.  Perhaps other B&Bs, hotels, motels and lodges–may consider doing the same.

Good works always produce positive energy.  When that energy is multiplied in the spirit of cooperation–outstanding things can happen.  Let’s give it a go, Saratoga.  🙂


Photo credit:  Boll & Branch

The Very Real Psychological Benefits of the “Breakfast” in “B&B”

March 19, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 We awoke this morning with one very interesting thought:  that we find it tremendously satisfying, to sit at a table which is set for us–then sinking our teeth into something unexpected, new and unexpectedly delicious.  Something that we didn’t cook for ourselves.

(Our inspiration for this thought no doubt was our recent birthday celebrations, during which times several different meals were enjoyed in the company of many unrelated people.  All sorts of cuisine, from plain to fancy, were enjoyed during the course of 10 days.)

Whatever our inspiration, online this morning we found an article in the Huffington Post, about the joy that is derived–the actual psychological benefits–of cooking for someone else.  Apparently, synapses fire; chemicals are dispensed and a sense of general well-being fills the grey organ in one’s head.

Our layman’s psychological analysis here alludes to, but does not explicitly spell out–the deep spiritual joy that cannot be explained by a course in biochemistry.

Our Italian Mothers and Grandmothers could testify to this, many of whom seemed to be kitchen-bound all day.  Their rewards?  just to see the looks of joy on our faces when we bit down into a homemade braciole or “macaroni” and “sauce.”\

This is the satisfaction that’s experienced in the artist’s heart of our own Kate, who every morning is up with the proverbial birds:  whipping, cracking, spreading, baking, frying and in general creating The Best Breakfast in Saratoga.  Kate’s talents are congenital, for sure–she was born with her gift for inventing yummy food for her (delighted) parents and other fortunates.

But then culinary school gave her the edge–the insider’s knowledge of food science, including the chemistry of the interactions of ingredients.

Is it any wonder, then, that Kate’s morning offerings border on the magickal, as opposed to, say–fry-cookery?  Her academic background, in concert with her considerable gifts for the culinary arts, come together intentionally.  Her goal:  to trip those aforementioned chemical reactions in our guests’ brains.

But no, it’s more than that:  Kate derives profound emotional satisfaction from seeing our guests, slowing down.  Taking the time to spread the napkin on one’s lap.  Smiling in anticipation, taking fork in-hand–and plunging, deeply, into the plate or bowl of hand-crafted joy that’s been placed before them.

The Yin-and-Yang of it is that:

  1.  Kate derives profound joy, creating from her heart and hands food that she knows will entice, fill and bless our guests.  And then,
  2.  our guests’ role in this mutually-giving relationship is that–all they (you) are expected to do is sit, eat and smile.

 We invite you to stay with us in every season, for whatever reason.  Celebration–getaway from the humdrum–reenactments–horse racing.  Whatever your reason to be in Saratoga Springs, we invite you to stay at our intimate hostelry.  Enjoy your night’s sleep in our exceptional beds.  Then, we beseech Thee–give Kate the joy of cooking for you, of creating breakfasts that will motivate you down the hallway, and into our dining room, a/k/a: Roomful of Bliss.

We guarantee, you may have a rush of memory, of your Mother’s own breakfasts, served with love–but this time, created by a chef whose every dish is influenced by the likes of Pepin, Puck or Garten.

Come for the bed.  Stay for the breakfast.  Your brain–and soul–will thank you.


Reservations:  (518) 584-6751

The Brunswick at Saratoga: Soft Bed, Safe Haven for Hall of Fame Kentucky Derby Revelers

March 10, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 The First Saturday in May is a near-holy day to we Saratogians, as we join with our kindred spirits in horse racing to celebrate the first leg of the Triple Crown:  the Kentucky Derby.

If you’re a fan of horse racing, you’ll celebrate the day with a party of some kind:  you may have a few friends over.  You may go to your local OTB parlor, to be among kindred-wagerers and pick up some tips.

 Or, even though it’s only the 10th of March, you may be picking out your big hat and best bow tie already–prepping almost two months out for the grand Kentucky Derby Party at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame–right here, in Saratoga.  And The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast?  Why, we’re just 1/10 of a mile–not even a furlong–from the Racing Museum.

(We have a special relationship with the Museum and Hall of Fame:  our own Tom Amello is a lifelong horse racing analyst, and in fact will be on the Hall of Fame stage just one week before the Derby, to analyze the race and contenders for horse racing fans.  We don’t just own a B&B in this community–we’re part of the community.)

Drink that in:  the Museum’s party commences at 3:30PM on Saturday, May 5th.  You can decide, now, to stay with us for that night–or two–and not only get the deep-dish discount–but thereby assure also your own safety, and that of your date and others on the roads.

So here’s our offer to you who plan to celebrate Kentucky Derby 2018 with the wonderful folks at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame:

*  25% discount for a two-night stay, including two delicious three-course breakfasts
*  10% discount for a one-night stay, including a delicious three-course breakfast
Just to to the top of this page, and click on, Guest Rooms to explore our 10 rooms.
OR, click on this link:
Then–don’t use the reservations page, call us directly at (518) 584-6751 to check availability of your desired room, and book it.
 Both the Hall of Fame folks and we want you to have a wonderful, fun, memorable Kentucky Derby Day–and celebrating at the Museum and Hall of Fame is the next-best-thing to being at Churchill Downs.
So please–take us up on our extraordinary offer.  Come, stay with us.  Park your car here when you check in–and then, simply walk less-than-a-furlong to the party.  After the roses are presented in the winner’s circle in Louisville, walk back and enjoy a cup of coffee.  Grab the ear of our Resident Racing Analyst (Tom), and spend the evening on our beautiful porch, reveling in the wonder of horse racing with a man who’s been a racing insider for over 30 years.  Not only is this the safest way to celebrate the Kentucky Derby–it’s the way to add warm memories; make new friends and get a good night’s sleep.
Thank you for considering the Brunswick at Saratoga, and celebrating the Kentucky Derby with us.  We’re eager to meet you, and Talk Horse.
Kate and Tom Amello
*  Page Cover photo:  Wise Dan wins at Saratoga, courtesy of NYRA / A. Coglianese :
*  National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, courtesy of National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame:
*  Horses racing in Kentucky Derby, compliments of Charity Buzz:
*  Kentucky Derby 144 logo, courtesy of and Churchill Downs, Inc.

Brunswick and Brook Springtime Treat: Delicious Dining, Sweet Sleep

March 9, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 You’ve driven past The Brook Tavern 1,000 times on your way to the track–or downtown Saratoga–or Saratoga Lake, and points East.  You’ve admired the beautiful Victorian structure, and registered that it looks beautiful/elegant/cozy/inspired.  And that, sometime, you’re going to have to check it out, and actually eat there.

You’ve also noticed our beautiful Victorian building, right next door to the Brook.  And you’ve thought:  “Man, that’s The Best Location in Saratoga.  Note to Self:  ‘Must stay there sometime.'”

We suggest humbly, that NOW is the time to introduce yourself to both.  Now–between today and May 31st–you can stay here, at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast, AND dine at The Brook Tavern–both experiences, for an extraordinary price.

You want:

  *  A memorable dining experience at The Brook Tavern, then *  a one-minute walk next door to The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast following your gastronomically-fulfilling evening.

  *  A beautiful room with a cloud-like bed, which will lull you to sleep before you even close your eyes, and *  a sumptuous, gourmet breakfast the next morning.

You get: 

It all, for the special rates, below.  (Note, that all room rates include a $50 gift certificate to The Brook for dinner the night of your stay.)
If you bring a friend or loved one, the rates don’t go up.  Same great room rate + fifty simoleons for supper. 😊

Prices for this package range from $129-$169.  (Room choice determines cost.)

The Details:
*  Deal is available March 9 – May 31, 2018.
*  Available on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
*  Stay for at least one night.

Click on, Check Availability at the top of our ‘site.
Click, Specials & Packages.  The Brook deal will show up.
Click Add.
On pop-up page, write, Brook in the space for Promo Code.
Voila—done!  You’ve just reserved your Springtime Treat to yourself:  the best dining/accommodations deal in Saratoga.

Being in Saratoga, we…hedge our bets…that you may wish to stay for more than one night.  And we’re down with that.

Saratoga’s Not Actually a Small Town…but We’ll Take It. :)

February 24, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 US News & World Report has just released its delightful list, 50 Beautiful Small Towns in America. Of course, Saratoga Springs is on that list–although, with a population of 30,000 and incorporation as a City–Saratoga Springs is hardly a “small town.”  (By comparison:  Sitka, Alaska, a delicious town also on the list, has a pop of about 7,000.  We’re guessing that the researcher who compiled the list of 50 lives on 23rd Street in Manhattan–and so, a place with “only” 30,000 full-time residents may indeed seem to be “small.”)

 By the same token, the photo in the article that represents Saratoga Springs is not of Broadway; the Race Course; North Broadway or the funky-cool West Side.  Not even of our own glorious Union Avenue.  No, it seems that the Editor gave the instructions, “Make it look like a Midwestern corn field.  One house and a sunset.”

So we’ve provided here a few shots of the real life of our “small town,” and hope you’ll agree with us:  that Saratoga Springs is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   (Hardly a place where tumbleweeds roll down the main drag.)  We hope you’ll check us out and agree, also that our home, The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast is high on your personal list–verily, the first hostelry that comes to mind when you think of Our Fair City.  Our single goal is nothing short of this:  helping you feel that our inn–and our “small town” are your home(s), too.

50 Beautiful Small Towns in America article:

Chowderfest 2018 and The Brunswick at Saratoga: Eat, Sleep, Warm Your Bones.

January 27, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

For 19 consecutive years,  Saratoga Springs restaurateurs have brought hot, delicious chowders to hungry, freezing souls in the dead of Winter.  Chowderfest offers Winter-weary spirits an opportunity to break the Cabin Fever Mold, and get out of the house.  Drive up (or down) the Northway, or perhaps visit Saratoga for the first time.

As in the 19 years before, Saratoga will again present Chowderfest:  this year’s date and time are Saturday, February 3, from 11AM – 4PM.  For a mere dollar per cup, Chowderheads can sample dozens of delicious, sweet, soul-warming chowders from most of Saratoga’s most renowned dining establishments.  Wrap your hands and your hearts around these steaming mugs, and dive in.

Then, vote for your favorite:  it’s a major point of pride for the establishments who win Chowderfest accolades every year.

After walking around Saratoga; shivering with your friends and taking notes on which chowder was best–you’ll be in need of a warm, cozy bed and hot cup of tea.  A brief walk from downtown, or short drive.  You may have been crowned, Queen of Chowder by your friends, for consuming the most cups–so you deserve to pamper yourself for all that hard work.  (And if you’re not still stuffed in the morning, a piping hot, gourmet breakfast will await you in our dining room.

Come to us, let us heat up your tired feet and stiff fingers.  Stay with us the night or weekend of February 3rd, and see just how cozy Saratoga can be.  We await your reservation in advance.  Call: (518) 584-6751 to reserve your room, today.  Feel the warmth over the phone, the same warmth you’ll drink in when you check into our unique inn.  🙂

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