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What is a Bed & Breakfast?

June 19, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

Guests often ask why we chose this inn keeping life. We have our story and share it with them. And, one of the great joys of inn keeping is learning the stories our guests choose to share about themselves with us. These narratives inform us in ways that help us make their stay at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast a memorable one. What follows poses and answers an important question about our sector of the hospitality industry (this article was published The Bed and Breakfast Magazine by Collette Publications. Thank you Nicolette Johnston, Publisher for sharing this with us).

A lot of people ask the question, what is a bed & breakfast?

Many innkeepers have expressed that the true meaning of a bed and breakfast has been lost with the presence of vacation home rental conglomerates. Unfortunately, business has been affected by travelers opting for accommodations with corporations that offer such lodging. Some are left fighting to keep their business afloat.

We have been reminded that they are just that, a business. They are insured, have gone through all the regulations, passed required inspections; not to mention, innkeepers are on site to help you check in and take care of any of your personalized needs. They encourage you to book direct with them, so they can not only prepare first-hand for any special requirements guests may have, but to offer a special touch of good ole-fashioned customer service that has been lost with booking sites or the click of a button. They also offer just what they say in their name, a delicious breakfast included with your stay.

Whether it be a farm fresh breakfast with homemade bread (the way your grandmother would make), or prepared by a cutting-edge professional chef who is up with current foodie trends, we believe that the breakfast is by far one of the best things about staying at a B&B.

We are not sure why anyone would want to stay anywhere else! We want to remind travelers just how much of a personal touch is put into your stay.

Remember, they are a small business, please help support them by considering to book your next trip with a bed and breakfast. Give them a call, book direct, and don’t pass on a freshly baked cookie. Go ahead, have two when you check in, and after a relaxing night, start your day the right way – eat breakfast like a champion!

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The Brunswick at Night

3 Year Anniversary

June 11, 2019 by Brunswick B&B

April 14, 2019 marked the three-year anniversary of our ownership of The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast. In that time we (Kate, Renee and Tom) have been blessed to meet and serve the many guests choosing our property for overnight and extended stay accommodations. The positive feedback we continue to receive through on-line reviews is gratifying. Guest responses are testimony to our guiding principle: to promise an overwhelmingly positive and memorable hospitality experience in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Through an agreement with the previous owner, C. Kirk Nichols, renovation of The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast began on April 4, 2016. Our contractor, Greco Construction, Inc., emptied the entire 10-bedroom structure, storing furnishings in three pods located in the parking lot. Carpets were removed, hardwood floors refinished or replaced. Carpenters did what carpenters do where carpentry work needed doing; painters did their thing inside an out. Kate’s vision was simple: maintain the Victorian charm while providing a light, modern motif throughout.  On May 13 the renovation team completed work in time for us to prep for a full weekend, full-house hot opening for Skidmore College graduation. We were, as they say, “off to the races” in Saratoga Springs.

The quality of our staff contributed significantly to the success of The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast these three years. We have been most fortunate. Staff continually demonstrates the highest standards of cleanliness and attention to guest service. Janet worked with Kirk, understood the operation, agreed to stay on, and shared institutional knowledge that was extremely helpful. Alice brought experience in both housekeeping and cooking. Diana owned a home cleaning business.  Daniella, Kate’s good friend, offered to help out as needed, and then joined us full time. Daniella worked breakfast service, as well as housekeeping. Her exuberant personality filled the dining room. A shock to all, Daniella passed late last year; returning guests will miss her as we do. Emmy worked two track seasons before heading off to college.  Molly, our latest hire, compliments retuning staff and is doing very well. We are grateful for the good work they continue to do for us and our guests.

We are, of course, a Bed AND Breakfast…and breakfast is our everyday adventure. Since opening in 2016, Kate graduated from Schenectady Community College, successfully completing the Culinary Arts Curriculum.  She and Renee, plan, prep and produce our wide menu of breakfast delights. The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast continues to support local vendors. We regularly visit the two weekly Farmer’s Markets. Other locals include Thomas Poultry, Kru Coffee Collective, Parillo Sausage, Battenkil Dairy, Hand Melon Farm and Bread Basket. (Maple Syrup)

We reflect on these three years and take pride in what we have done and how we have grown. We look forward to reconnecting with returning guests, meeting new ones, and continuing to provide overwhelmingly positive and memorable hospitality experiences in Saratoga Springs. NY.

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