Summer’s Here, and the Time is Right to…Give Yourself a Break.

June 27th, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 The first day of Summer, 2018, came and went with nary a notice, because here in the North Country of Upstate New York–the weather’s been funky for several weeks.  A few months, even…

As many of our neighbors in Saratoga noted, we didn’t have a Spring:  it went straight from Winter into Summer.  From piles of snow to insufferable heat.  Such is life in the post-industrial age, right?

So it’s officially Summer, for those who keep track.  And, precisely because the season sort-of slid into home plate, too many of us neglected to make plans for anything that even resembles Summer vacation.  Unfortunately, that leaves us with “Stay-cations,” as it’s come to be known.

And, really–you know how that translates:  You envision yourself chillin’ on your back porch, sipping Mojitos.
But really, you’re mowing the lawn.
*  Cleaning the gutters.  Again.
*  Planning a drive to Vermont–but never actually doing it.  Because you’re tired.
*  Assembling your family’s Emergency Preparedness Kit and dry rations–for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.  (FYI:  It’s not going to happen.
Because Zombies don’t exist.)

So what you end up with is just another three months of working, working–then, “Stay-cationing” at home, where–you work.

And before you know it–it’s Thanksgiving.  And you’re still tired.

You love Saratoga.  It’s one of your favorite places on Earth.  Or you’ve dream’t of Saratoga–and you can think of nothing sweeter than chillin’ in our outstanding little city for a couple of days.  But it’s the end of June–so, no dice, right?  Surely, the closest to Saratoga that you could get a room would, be, what–Montreal?

Wrong.  If you think of coming to Saratoga for a week, yes, that might be nearly-impossible this far into the Summer.
BUT:  here’s the solution.  This is not just a good idea, this is actually something that your doctor would ask you to do, for your health, for your soul:

Actually take time off.  Even a couple of days.

 You didn’t get your vacation request in on time to actually go anywhere other than Big Y, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a day, two–even three-off during the summer.  Just to get away.  And where better than Saratoga?

Where, more restful, than at our legendary inn for a couple of nights?

Just to sleep, in a beautiful, peaceful, quiet environment.

 To sit on a beautiful, historic porch on one of the loveliest boulevards in all America:  Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs, New York.

So, you can only take off a Wednesday and Thursday night?  Sweet–we may have the perfect room for you, on that exacta, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Wow, you can sneak in a third day and night away?  Just ask:  we aim to accommodate. (Hence the term, “accommodations.”)


You didn’t make vacation a priority because Mother Nature pulled a fast one on you, and, BAM, Summer is here, now.

But Mother Nature also gave you a keen sense of self-preservation:  You know that you need and deserve a rest.

 Take a day, a night–a couple–two/three days and nights.  Call us now, with your calendar in-hand.  We’ll have our calendar in-hand, as well.  We’ll work with you to give you the rest, the quiet–and the Chef-prepared, gourmet breakfasts the next mornings(s)–that you so richly deserve.  Schlaf gut, then Bon Appetit at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed & Breakfast.

You call, we’ll plan:  (518) 584-6751

We’re eager to meet you, and help you rest, chill, and dine like royalty–then, prop you up, prepared to go back home, thence, to work. 
And to your Stay-cational lawn-mowing.  



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