Introducing New, Wildly-Healthy Options to Our Breakfast Menu

May 21st, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

These days, almost everyone is health-conscious, for one reason or another.  People with Celiac Disease can’t eat gluten.  People who take blood thinners have to avoid most green, leafy things, including cilantro and even parsley.  And of course, so many people are allergic to tree nuts that it’s almost epidemic in the 21st Century.

Yet-others just want to keep it low on the cholesterol/protein/sodium scale, just as a preventative measure.

We’re always delighted to give our guests the things that will help make their lives happier and healthier, whenever we can.  So with this note, we’re pleased to introduce you to Kate’s newest Benedict, one of many new healthy-lifestyle breakfasts that our culinary artist is concocting here on Union Avenue.  (NOT that our other breakfasts aren’t good for you–not at all!  It’s just that this, particular new line shows Kate’s commitment to presenting guilt-free–yet, healthy–dining.)

This delicious and filling breakfast is a healthy, lively combo of rye toast, Canadian bacon, sauteed spinach and poached eggs–all topped with fresh, hand-made pico de gallo.

Perhaps we’ll name this yummy offering, Pico de Benedict.



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