Louisville Crowds on Derby Day? Problem, Solved–Here on Union Ave., in Saratoga.

April 23rd, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

In just 12 brief days, ‘t’will be the First Saturday in May.

 If you’re a horse racing fan, you know that this means that’s the day when 20 American Thoroughbreds will stuff into their designated stalls at Louisville’s gigantic Churchill Downs, and begin the Run for the Roses–the Kentucky Derby.  

Churchill Downs has the capacity to hold well-over 150,000 screaming fans on Derby Day.  A thought that makes even the strongest of hearts shudder.  (We know, we’ve been there twice. Thankfully, with extraordinary seats both time, so our claustrophobic selves didn’t have to look at that many people–just straight ahead, at the horses.)

If you’re into Big Fun and Big Crowds–Louisville is definitely where you want to be on May 5th.

If you’re NOT into Big Crowds, but still want Big Fun–and to cheer on your favorite Kentucky Derby horse–you can go to the luscious Kentucky Derby bash at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, just four doors down from our serene little inn.

You will not encounter 149,999 other horse racing fans at the Museum’s Derby Day party–thank God, right?  But you will have a rockin’ good time with your friends and new friends–whom you’ll meet over cocktails and mocktails in THE only Thoroughbred racing Hall of Fame.

For information about the event, click the URL, below, or call (518) 584-0400, ext. 109.

OK, so we’ve got you all set with the place to watch and play on Derby Day.  Check.

Now, we need to establish your accommodations for the night after the party.  The soiree ends at 7PM, at which time you may wish to venture forth into downtown Saratoga Springs–a brief walk down Union.  OR you may opt to wander simply five doors from the Museum, and dine with our friends at the Brook.

But however you do it–your ONLY sure bet that day–is that you should stay here, with us, at the end of your winning Kentucky Derby Day.  Whether you check in the night before, Friday, the 4th–sleep in on the 5th before the party–then sleep again on the 6th, OR you reserve only for the night after the Derby–believe us, you will need a place to rest your head that’s within walking distance of both the Museum and downtown.

 Even if that’s only because you danced your face off for three hours before the race, then waddled downtown, wearing stilettos–you’re gonna need a comfy, welcoming bed to crash.  And a gourmet breakfast the next morning.

Whether you’re a local, or coming in for the party, and don’t want to deal with 150,000 strangers–come, party at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.  And spend Derby Day-Night, and maybe the night before–with us.  This mini-vacation will do your soul good–and get you all wired and ready for the upcoming Saratoga race meet.

 Call now to res your room:  (518) 584-6751.   We’ll set you up, so that all you have to worry about on Derby Day is, which hat or bowtie to wear.


Check out the Derby party info at the Racing Museum’s ‘site:




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