Chowderfest 2018 and The Brunswick at Saratoga: Eat, Sleep, Warm Your Bones.

January 27th, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

For 19 consecutive years,  Saratoga Springs restaurateurs have brought hot, delicious chowders to hungry, freezing souls in the dead of Winter.  Chowderfest offers Winter-weary spirits an opportunity to break the Cabin Fever Mold, and get out of the house.  Drive up (or down) the Northway, or perhaps visit Saratoga for the first time.

As in the 19 years before, Saratoga will again present Chowderfest:  this year’s date and time are Saturday, February 3, from 11AM – 4PM.  For a mere dollar per cup, Chowderheads can sample dozens of delicious, sweet, soul-warming chowders from most of Saratoga’s most renowned dining establishments.  Wrap your hands and your hearts around these steaming mugs, and dive in.

Then, vote for your favorite:  it’s a major point of pride for the establishments who win Chowderfest accolades every year.

After walking around Saratoga; shivering with your friends and taking notes on which chowder was best–you’ll be in need of a warm, cozy bed and hot cup of tea.  A brief walk from downtown, or short drive.  You may have been crowned, Queen of Chowder by your friends, for consuming the most cups–so you deserve to pamper yourself for all that hard work.  (And if you’re not still stuffed in the morning, a piping hot, gourmet breakfast will await you in our dining room.

Come to us, let us heat up your tired feet and stiff fingers.  Stay with us the night or weekend of February 3rd, and see just how cozy Saratoga can be.  We await your reservation in advance.  Call: (518) 584-6751 to reserve your room, today.  Feel the warmth over the phone, the same warmth you’ll drink in when you check into our unique inn.  🙂

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