Flurry Festers: Dance, Sing then Sleep, Break the Fast in Our Welcoming Saratoga Abode.

January 18th, 2018 by Brunswick B&B

 As we dig out from under the small hillock of snow with which Mother Nature has painted our gorgeous Saratoga, we are reminded that, yes, Virginia–it IS only January.  And that means, we have at least two more months of Winter to stare down.  We can’t speak for others, but we just want to hunker down in a soft bed, with a hot cup of cocoa, and wait ’til the robins sing again…

But one of the delightful breaks in the Winter madness (which quickly morphs into Cabin Fever) happens every year during Presidents’ Day Weekend.  (An oxymoron, for sure:  is it a DAY, or a weekend?)  Regardless, it’s not really a tradition to pick up and go somewhere for Winter fun to celebrate the Presidents who are honored in February (can you name them, BTW?)–but, in 1994 the Dance Flurry Organization moved their annual folk/social dance festival to Saratoga–Presidents’ Day Weekend became a cause to celebrate.

Whether you love to contradance, Cajun, Scandinavian, African, English Country, Swing, Hip Hop, Jive, Ballroom, Tango or any of hundreds of other dance and music forms–there’s something for you at the 2018 edition of the Dance Flurry.  (See URL, below.)

 And because The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast is a brief walk to the Saratoga City Center and other venues that serve as respositories of joy that weekend–we can offer a hot shower, warm bed and yummy breakfast each of the mornings of the Flurry.  (Let’s face it: after 12 hours of dancing–you’re going to need a shower.  And your bones will say, “Ahhhhh,” after that ablution, as you sink into one of our luxurious beds.)

The Dance Flurry begins the evening of Friday, February 16th and wraps up on Sunday night, the 18th.  But Monday is a national holiday here in the U.S.–so you probably have the day off.  Why not make your reservation, now, for Friday – Monday, and sleep in on the holiday?  (We’ve been folk dancing for over 50 years, so we know from experience that, after three days of dancing and running in-between dance classes–you do NOT feel up to driving home on Sunday evening.  OR catching a plane in Albany.)

Contact us at (518) 584-6751, and let us help make this one detail of your Dance Flurry Weekend easier.  Check in on Friday, and walk to Flurry events all weekend.  (With Saratoga parking, it’s a boon to be able to park your car in our lot, and leave it.)  We’ll happily accommodate dietary restrictions (gluten, etc.), and serve up the most elegant and filling breakfast in Saratoga each of the mornings you awaken in our little slice of Heaven.  We look forward to meeting you, and celebrating with you, the joy that only dance can instill in the human spirit.


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