Saratoga, Events and Accommodations: 365 Reasons to Book Here, Now.

December 27th, 2017 by Brunswick B&B

 We know of many people who check out of their favorite Saratoga hostelry on every Labor Day (Saratoga Race Course’s Closing Day)–and reserve their room for the following year.  These savvy shoppers know that, as many hotels, inns and motels that lie within the city limits of our tiny, internationally-renowned town–there may not be a room available for Travers Week next year–or all of racing season, for that matter–unless they jump on it, 365 days in advance.

Well, the cool thing about being a beautiful bed and breakfast in Saratoga–across from the Thoroughbred track and a casual walk to (literally) hundreds of restaurants, taverns, shops and attractions–is that Saratoga is hoppin’ all 365 of every year.

We have horses.  In spades.  But we also have opera, theatre, ballet, modern dance, musea, Shakespeare, regattas, fireworks, parades, healing waters, spas, celebrations and parties every-other-day, it seems.  Saratoga is The Consummate Tourist Town–and only about 30,000 of us are fortunate enough actually to live here all year ’round.

So that leaves the rest of you with the rather exciting burden of sifting through the options, and finding the perfect bed in which to rest your weary bones at the end of your action-packed Saratoga Days.

But today--this December 27th, of 2017–today is the day that you should start thinking about your ideal Saratoga Vacation. Whether that’s a quiet, romantic weekend; a week centered around an activity or event or an escape from your current reality–if you’re coming to Saratoga in 2018, today is the day:

The day to get out your calendar.
Talk to your S.O. about 2018, and the time(s) you’ll have free.
OR, the events you absolutely need to attend.

Then, with that information firmly written in INK in your calendar:  SARATOGA, you call us at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast, and line up your room for your chosen date(s). 

2018 is just a few days away–literally.  And you do NOT want to be left out in the cold–or the searing heat, depending on season.  You want to dance merrily into the New Year, secure in the knowledge that all your hard work, all year-round will be rewarded–the minute you put up your  feet in your own, special room here at our place on Union Avenue.

Carpe Diem, people.  Tempus fugit.  (For those of you who didn’t take Medieval Latin at Skidmore:  “Seize the day, people.  Time flies.”)   🙂

To inspire you to quit pussyfootin’ around, and jump on it, check out this article posted this morning by Todd Garofano of the Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau.  Apparently, 175 events already are booked at the Saratoga Springs City Center.  Wowie-zowie.

…and that’s just the City Center.  That’s not all the other places and organizations that are (even at this moment) nailing down their dates for next year.  (I just received a Save the Date card for a Saratoga event–on August 10th.  It was postmarked over two weeks ago.)

And here are hundreds of events, as listed on the ‘site of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce:

Note that most days, several events and activities overlap:  oh, dear, more decisions to make!

So now that you’re thoroughly overwhelmed, fear not.  We are here for you.  We’re on your side.  We want you to have the most enjoyable, restful night’s sleep after a full day or eve of going/doing/seeing.  And the Early Bird may get the worm, but you and your loved ones need a delicious, gourmet breakfast served up piping hot in a safe, cozy, beautiful, embracing B&B on Union Avenue.  That is to say, you deserve to break the fast after a deep slumber here at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast–and our Chef/Owner delights in creating Fare from the Heart.

You deserve to be here–and, as much as every message on social media demands that you be distracted crushing candies or posting selfies–you simply must extract yourself from your yakking AI long enough to speak to an actual human, or at least email an actual human–and make your reservation here for all your Saratoga Escapes.

(S)he who hesitates is lost, as they say…and those who reserve their rooms for 2018 no–are wise.  Those who hesitate will be lost in 2018…driving up and down the Northway through the black Adirondack nights, just to get to a motel room.  But for those of you who hesitate not, and reserve with us in time to get the room you want, at the time you desire:   we promise all fun, no stress, sweets and treats served in a serene environment.

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, from all of us at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast.



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