Frenzied Shoppers: Your Last-Minute Gift Problem, Solved in 60 Seconds

December 22nd, 2017 by Brunswick B&B

 It’s the Friday before Christmas, 2017.  YIKES.

You’re stressing:  either your boss is a Scrooge, and won’t let anyone leave work ONE SINGLE MINUTE before 5PM.  OR, you’re trying your level-best to talk yourself into driving around–again–and shopping in person.  You know that this option will turn you into a wild-eyed, frustrated, maniac who inhales Seattle’s darkest in one gulp.

Now there’s a snow storm.  You can’t see out your kitchen window.  If you are nuts enough to go outside, that fool’s errand will end in you, sitting on a highway or main street, which now is a parking lot.

You’ll scream, but no one will hear you because all windows are rolled up, and everyone else is screaming, as well.

Here’s what you do:  STAY HOME, Possums.

Stay home.
Be comfy.
Fire up your computer.
NOW…look here, on the ‘site for The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast–and see that, in a matter of mere moments–from the warmth of your home, as you drink hot cocoa and wear bunny slippers–you can buy THE BEST Christmas (or, fill-in-your-holiday, HERE) — gift, EVER.

  You can give a gift certificate for your loved one (family member, friend, boss, co-worker)–to rest, relax and refresh in the lovely Brunswick at Saratoga.  And the gift certificate (unlike a Chia Pet)–actually is a welcome gift.  A gift that will give your dear one time to think about when they can make their escape to Saratoga–to get excited about their trip–and to anticipate the quiet beauty that awaits them here at our historic Bed and Breakfast.  


You get to maintain your sanity.
You get to stay home, and not spend an entire day trying to fight your way to get to a store.  A store where you’ll try to buy something that’s no longer in stock.  And where the salesgirl will hate you, because SHE has shopping to do, too.

AND–your loved one will receive a gift that they’ll actually LOVE.

You need to do this.  Because the people you love, deserve your very best.  Because YOU deserve to stay sane, stay home and bake cookies.

And because…Chia Pets are SO 1960s.

One click, and you’re done:

You’re welcome.  🙂


And…Merry Christmas – Happy Festivus — Joyous Holidays, to all, from all of us at The Brunswick at Saratoga Bed and Breakfast.  <3


2 thoughts on “Frenzied Shoppers: Your Last-Minute Gift Problem, Solved in 60 Seconds

  1. Dan DeFedericis

    A business blog that is updated regularly! Terrific! Happy Holidays! Less than 8 months until the Travers!

  2. Brunswick B&B

    Thank you, Dan! So glad you’re reading, thanks so much. :). Yes! Travers will be here before we know it– tell your friends and fam that NOW is the time to reserve their room here, right across from the track. 🙂

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